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Oct 11-Sept 12 London Olympics 2012  Costume workshop senior Fabricator 

Aug-Sept 11 Peppa Pig Live sea creatures puppet design/fabrication/artwork  

Jan-July 11 Prometheus  Neal Scanlan creature effects Fabricator 

Oct-Dec 10 Millennium FX Iron maiden Big Eddie/Gorilla Fabricator

Sept  10 Xmen The Beast emergengy weekend Fabricator

Sept 10 Animated Extras Poly foaming/fur work

July August 10 Dr.Who Live Millennium FX Fabricator

May June 10 In The Night Garden live Lee & Zafar / Ragdoll Fabricator

April May 10 Millenium FX Iron Maiden Eddie Fabricator

March 10 Me and My Monsters  Jim Henson co/Baker Coogan Fabricator

March 10 Subculture Short film Costume standby

Feb 10 Artem Crash test dummy shoot portugal Fabricator

Feb 10 Tahra Zafar Sketch puppet Fabrication assistant

Jan Feb 10 Lady Ga Ga Jim Henson co/Baker Coogan Monster Fabricator

Jan Nov 09 Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Creature FX Fabrication trainee 

2007-2012 Wayne Warren Contemporary art production 

Nov 08 Animated Extras Sherlock Holmes Pigs Poly foaming and art finish

Jul Sep 08 Olympic 2012 Handover Ceremonies Beijing Make up Supervisor

Jan Jun 08 Lazy Town Live! Tour Wigs Moustaches and Prosthetic application

Mar Apr 08 Fur TV MTV Puppet Technician

Dec 07 Sofficini puppet Mould work

Nov 07 More Than commercial On set Art dept. Stop frame animation

Oct 07 Young Victoria Costume alterations Sands Film Studios

Oct 07 ITV Monkey Prop based Costume accessories

Mar Sep 07 Disney Bunny Town Sculptural model maker mould maker and art finish

July 07 Genie in the house Last minute creature costume alterations 

Jan Mar 07 Karen Pervis Mould shop assistant

Aug 05 Dec 06 In The Night Garden Costume assistant and part of maintenance team

Sep 06 His Dark Materials Costume alterations

Jun 06 Party in the Palace Wardrobe Buckingham Palace

Jun Aug 05 In the Night Garden Trainee Creature Costume Fabricator

Dec 04 Cant Sing Singers BBC Assistant make up artist

May 04 Umbro fashion show Urban Music Festival Assistant make up artist

Mar 04 Dr Tatiana Assistant make up and fabrication of Green Spoon Worm headpiece

Feb 04 Blake’s Junction 7 Assistant make up artist

Dec 02 Farscape convention UK 02 Straight make up artist

May 02 Henry VIII. Bridgewell Theatre Make up artist

May 01 Mar 02 Muffled Lens/OnEdition  Fashion make up and hairstyling

BA (Hons) Costume Make up and Technical Effects 05 (LCF) and HND Specialist Make up 02